What Do Engine Knocks Mean?

Any time your engine sounds different than usual, like when it starts making knocking sounds, that’s a sign that something else is going on. Auto Repair Technology has these tips for what might be causing the engine knocking sounds you’re hearing. Resolving the problem quickly is the best plan because then you avoid bigger damage.

Engine Timing Might Be Off

Engine timing is a very specific thing for every car. It involves timing exactly when the air, fuel, and spark coincide in the engine cylinder to combust properly. If that timing is off, even by a little bit, your car misfires and the engine starts to knock. 

The Fuel to Air Mix Might Be Off

It’s not just timing that could be off, though. If there is too much or not enough of either air or fuel, that causes issues, too. Your car’s engine requires a precise mix of fuel to air, and if that mix isn’t right then the engine, as well as performance, suffers. You’ll probably also start to hear a lot more knocks than usual.

Your Spark Plugs Might Be Malfunctioning

Something else to consider is that your spark plugs might be going bad. They provide the spark part of the air, fuel, and spark mix. If you replace your spark plugs yourself and get the wrong kind, that causes trouble, too. Engine knocks afterward can be your biggest indicator that something isn’t right.

You Might Be Putting Low Octane Fuel in Your Tank

One of the recommendations that your car’s owner’s manual has is the right octane level for your car. That might mean that your car’s manufacturer recommends a high octane rating for the fuel you add to the tank. When you add fuel with a lower octane level, that can cause engine knocks that might frustrate you. 

The Knock Sensor Might Fail

Your car has a lot of different sensors, including one called the knock sensor. This sensor helps to prevent engine knocking by telling the onboard computer to adjust engine timing if your car’s engine starts to knock. When the knock sensor fails, it’s not able to do that job.

If you’re hearing engine knocks, don’t ignore them. That can lead to other problems down the line and you don’t want that. Get in touch with us at Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH. We can fully diagnose the issues your car is having and get that engine knock resolved.

Photo by KatarzynaBialasiewicz from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro