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Common Fall Car Repairs

Common Fall Car Repairs

A lot of people think that winter conditions are the only conditions that can affect your car. This is not the case. In the fall, thousands of drivers across the United States face car problems. Here are some of the most common fall car repairs. Air Spring  Your car’s suspension system has air springs. They’re […]

Why is my Car Having Issues After Sitting Idle?

Has your car been sitting in your driveway or garage for the past few months? Because of the driving restrictions state governments have imposed in light of the health crisis, many drivers have been staying home and avoiding driving for the past few months. Unfortunately, vehicles can still experience issues even when they’re not being […]

Common Issues with Your Car’s A/C System

Summer isn’t far, and warmer weather is quickly approaching us here in Ohio. Getting your car in its best shape this month can help you beat the summer heat and ensure safe driving. Many drivers experience issues with their air conditioning this time of year, and no one likes having to drive in the heat […]

6 Signs That Mean Your Car Needs Brake Repair

Brakes are an extremely important part of your vehicle, though they may not get a lot of appreciation. Trust us, you’ll truly appreciate them if they give out. As someone who’s been providing brake repair services to Brook Park and other areas of Ohio for years, we wanted to take some time today to discuss […]

How to Save Money on Auto Repair

We all love to save money. We cut coupons, wait for sales to come around, and keep all of our spare change in a jar. As an experienced Brook Park, OH auto repair specialist we wanted to take some time today to discuss some more money-saving tips and how you can save money on your […]

Are Your Brakes Putting You in Danger?

Brakes are among the most important parts of your vehicle. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to stop, and that’s pretty important! You may not think about your brakes all that often, but you really should think about them more, because if they fail you could be in some serious trouble. There are a lot […]

Is It Time To Get Your Brakes Flushed?

Most drivers don’t think about their brakes all too often, and understandably so. Brakes do a necessary job hidden under your car. You can see your wheels turning or hear your engine humming, but it’s easy to overlook your brakes. That is, until they fail and you’re screeching down the road at 100mph. You should […]

5 Vehicle Repairs You Can’t Skip

Nobody wants to have to bring their car in for repairs, they can be expensive and can keep your vehicle out of action for an extended period of time. You may want to try and put your repairs off, and while you may be able to do this for some minor repairs, there are some […]

Tips for Acing Your Vehicle’s Emissions Test

Greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise and with them the possible dangers of climate change. While vehicle emissions tests may seem like just an inconvenience, they really do serve a purpose. We need to keep the Earth clean and safe, not just for ourselves but for our children and future generations as well. Going […]

When Do You Need Your Brakes Serviced?

Your brakes are an essential part of your car, and without them, stopping would be quite difficult. Keeping them fully functioning is imperative if you want to drive safely, but how do you know when your brakes are in need of service in Brook Park, OH? Sometimes it’s clear, like when your brake light appears […]

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