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Safe Driving Tips for Summer

The summer is the perfect time for road trips and adventures. There’s no better feeling than the warm summer air hitting your face and having the music blasting while you’re driving from one place to another. However, while you’re enjoying your car this summer, make sure that you’re driving it safely. Keep reading for tips on how to safely drive your car this summer.

Keep Jumper Cables in the Vehicle

In the event that something does happen to your vehicle and you can’t get it to start, having jumper cables readily available will help you get back on the road. You can have a friend or a bystander help you jump start your car so that you can get it to a mechanic shop to have it checked out. The good news is that jumper cables take up a relatively small amount of space in your car. 

Check Tire Condition Before Long Trips

Ensuring that your car’s tire is intact and properly inflated is critical to ensure your safety while embarking on long road trips. Before going on your long trip, make sure your tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. If you don’t do this, you risk: 

  • Less responsive steering
  • Longer braking distances
  • Loss of tire tread
  • Tire blowouts

You don’t want to be stuck far away from home dealing with tire issues. Do yourself a favor and check them before you leave. 

Don’t Skip Oil Changes

Oil is the substance that lubricates your car’s parts so that they can properly function. Without that proper lubrication, your car is at risk for serious damage. Don’t be tempted to top off your old oil with a new one because that will only put stress on the new oil and it won’t do its job as well as it should be. Bring your car into a mechanic frequently so that they can remove your old, gunky oil and replace it with a new batch. 

Get Your A/C Repaired

Sure, you could ride around with your windows down, but what happens when you’ve come to a stop? You’re stuck sitting in the hot heat and most likely sweating. If you continue to sit in this hot condition, in less than an hour you will begin to:

  • Become dehydrated
  • Feel agitated
  • Become dizzy
  • Develop heat stroke

To avoid any of these things from happening, get your A/C repaired as soon as it stops working properly

Need Car Maintenance for the Summer?

Auto Repair Technology is a trusted auto repair shop that can help you with all your car needs for the summer. We provide Auto maintenance in Brook Park so you can feel good that your car is in the hands of local, highly-rated mechanics. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.  

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