Is Your Car’s Battery Dead or About to Be Dead?

Troubleshooting your car’s battery might feel like an impossible task to you and Auto Repair Technology knows how that can feel. Sometimes car components can do some confusing things, like what can happen when your battery starts to die.

It’s Hard to Start Your Car 

When you go to start your car, you might find that it either doesn’t start at all or it’s difficult to get the car to crank. There are reasons for that and it helps to know how your battery and electrical system work together. The battery offers the juice your car needs to get started, and then the alternator takes over and supplies the power that the car needs in order to keep running. When the battery is failing, the car is a lot more difficult to start.

Your Car Starts Fine, Until it Doesn’t

But you may not always get a warning in the form of a few difficult starts. Sometimes when a battery is going dead, your car will start fine and won’t give you much warning that there’s more going on. And then the very next time that you go to start your car up, you’ve got nothing. This can be a particularly upsetting situation because you may not have realized that there was a problem at all.

Your Car’s Accessories Aren’t Acting Right

More commonly, you’re going to see some idiosyncrasies with your car’s accessories. Some of the accessories, like your lights, might seem to not work as well as usual. Or if you’ve got auxiliary accessories plugged into the car for power, they may start to operate oddly, if they operate at all. You might even think that the accessory is the problem like your CD player just doesn’t work anymore when the real problem is the battery is about to die.

You’ve Had to Jumpstart Your Car Recently, More than Once

One really obvious sign that you should never overlook is when you have to jumpstart your car. Having to jump the battery once means that there’s an issue. If you’ve had to do so more than once, you definitely need to get your battery and possibly your alternator inspected. Jumpstarting your battery multiple times within days of each other is an especially bad sign.

Seeing signs that your battery isn’t doing as well as you might hope? Give us a call at Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH. We can inspect your battery and your alternator and make sure that you’ve got the right solution for your problem.

Photo by Natnan Srisuwan from Getty Images via Canva Pro