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Is It Time To Get Your Brakes Flushed?

Most drivers don’t think about their brakes all too often, and understandably so. Brakes do a necessary job hidden under your car. You can see your wheels turning or hear your engine humming, but it’s easy to overlook your brakes. That is, until they fail and you’re screeching down the road at 100mph.

You should appreciate your brakes and take good care of them. There are a number of types of brake maintenance that you should be performing regularly, such as replacing the pads and rotors, but many drivers overlook the need to flush out their brake systems.

We wanted to take some time today to dispel the myth that brake flushings are unnecessary and speak about how they are an essential part of Brook Park, OH brake maintenance.

Dirty, Old, and Ineffective Brake Fluid

Even though you may not see it, even the best braking systems break down and erode over time. Little bits of rubber and metal flake off and end up in your brake fluid. Moisture gets into the brakes and leads to rust which puts even more debris into your fluid. The fluid itself becomes less and less effective as it ages. All of these factors affect the longevity of your brake fluid and could compromise your vehicle’s ability to brake. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than stomping down on the brake pedal, only to see your speedometer continue to accelerate.

The “Right” Time to Replace Brake Fluid

Like most aspects of automotive maintenance, there is no “right” time to perform brake maintenance and replace your fluid. The frequency typically depends on your individual vehicle and how often you drive it. The only way to really know when to change your fluid is to speak with a brake maintenance expert in Brook Park, OH.

Having said all that, there are some general guidelines. Typically most vehicles should have their brake fluid flushed every 30,000 miles, though this number can vary greatly between different makes and models. You’ll also want to note that brake flushing is not the same as brake bleeding. The former is the process we’re talking about where the entirety of your vehicle’s brake fluid is changed, the latter refers to a process where just enough fluid is removed to allow for the removal of air bubbles.

Working With an Experienced Brake Maintenance Mechanic

Here at Auto Repair Technology, we’ve been providing brake maintenance services to Brook Park, OH for years and we’ve learned a few things along the way. We don’t know how many times someone has come to us saying “My brakes stopped working!”. After a brief inspection, more often than not, their brake fluid hasn’t been changed in ages.

Forgetting or neglecting to change your brake fluid is a costly and dangerous mistake. If you’ve never changed your brake fluid, or if it’s been some time since you have, bring your car into a Brook Park, OH brake maintenance professional today!

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