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How to Prevent Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

Foggy car windows are the result of a humidity discrepancy.  In particular, it happens when the air outside of your car is colder than the air on the inside of your car. Since your car’s windows act as a barrier, condensation forms on them, and you’re left with foggy windows. It may sound like a complicated process, but luckily there are some not so complicated ways to prevent it from happening. 

Put the Windows Down

One way you can prevent your windows from fogging up is to slightly crank your windows down while driving. This is especially helpful if you just got done doing an activity that would introduce more humidity into your car. You may not have to keep them down throughout the entire trip, but certainly at the beginning of your trip. Your car may feel a bit cold, but you’ll be able to see out your windows and remain safe.  

De-Ice the Outside of Windows 

If snow or ice is sitting on top of your windows, it’s causing the temperature discrepancy between the inside and outside of your car. One way to resolve this issue is to always keep a deicer in your vehicle.  You can use it to deice the outside of your windows and help maintain a consistent temperature. All you have to do is spray it on your windows that are covered by ice and defog the inside. 

Keep Windows Clean

If your windows are dirty, particularly with grease buildup, moisture will stick to your windows and will cause them to severely fog up. An easy way to prevent your windows from fogging is to routinely clean your windows. Clean them using soap and water or with a quality glass cleaner. Not only will you prevent your car from fogging up, but it will also help you see better. 

Give Your Car Some Time 

While some of us have slowed down this year, there are still instances where we’re in a rush and want to get to a destination quickly. During the winter, you need to give your car time to warm up. Your car’s engine needs time to warm up so that it can eliminate the warm, moist air inside the vehicle. In general, give your vehicle 10 to 15 minutes to warm up before leaving to go somewhere. 

Have Auto Repair Technology Maintain Your Car

If there’s a problem with your car and nothing you do seems to prevent your car windows from fogging, Auto Repair Technology can help. As an Ohio car repair shop, we’ll take a look at your car and ensure things are working efficiently. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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