How Can You Tell That Your Car’s Transmission Fluid Needs Changing

Your car’s owner’s manual should have some information for you about how often the transmission fluid needs changing. But some other signs can let you know that has to happen now, and it helps to be aware of them. Besides the check engine light, Auto Repair Technology suggests you pay attention to these signs from your transmission.

Hesitation While You’re Driving

When your car’s transmission isn’t lubricated well enough, it’s difficult for the mechanisms within the transmission to function properly. The gears may have a difficult time catching or there could be other issues. You might experience this as hesitation from the transmission while you’re driving. What that feels like is that the car just seems to pause and then jolt forward again. You could even hear the hesitation as the engine revs and then falls back to normal as the transmission catches.

Rough Shifting While Driving

Rough shifting is something else that can happen when the transmission doesn’t have what it needs. The transmission has more trouble switching from one gear to another and that can cause some big issues. You might hear some noises when the transmission is actively shifting and you may also be feeling some gear slippage, too.

Excessive and New Noises from the Transmission

You probably already know that new or extreme noises from the transmission when you’re actively shifting gears is not great news. But if you’re starting to hear noises from the transmission all the time, that’s definitely something you need to be concerned about. Any time you’re hearing new or strange noises, in any system in the car, it’s best to get it checked out.

There’s a Transmission Fluid Leak

No fluid leaks are good for your car, honestly, but a transmission fluid leak can be especially damaging. Transmission fluid is most likely to leak under the back end of the car because that’s where the transmission is. If you’re not sure whether the fluid you’ve found is transmission fluid or not, try smearing some on a paper towel or rag. Transmission fluid can be anywhere from red to dark brown, and it tends to be translucent until it gets really old and dirty. Black transmission fluid means that the fluid is very overdue for a change.

Any time you have a concern about your car’s transmission, we can help. Give us a call today at Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH. We can take a closer look at what’s happening and let you know what the transmission needs.

Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro