Four Signs of Serious Brake Issues

Do you know what it looks and feels like when your car is having serious brake issues? Auto Repair Technology wants you to know these four signs that your brakes are in immediate need of repair.

No Resistance in the Brake Pedal

When you press your foot on the brake pedal, you should feel at least some resistance. That amount of resistance varies from one car to another and you might notice changes after you get your brakes serviced. But if you press your foot to the brake pedal and you feel absolutely no resistance, that means you also have no brakes. This is dangerous and means you should not be driving your car.

Sudden Vibration While Braking

If your car has been responding normally while braking and then suddenly you experience vibrations when you apply the brakes, that indicates that something has just changed. The problem might be in the rotors, the brake pads, or even the calipers. There are other issues that can cause this, like something that knocked your wheels out of alignment, but it’s still common with brake issues and should be inspected.

Your Car Is Suddenly Pulling to One Side When You Brake

Another sudden issue that you should never overlook is if your car is suddenly veering to one side or the other when you apply the brakes. That’s a sign that there might be a failure in the brake system, particularly on that side of the car. This is also dangerous because if the pull is too hard, you might veer into another lane.

There’s a Brake Warning Light on the Dash

Your brake warning light is one you see often, probably, but only for short periods of time. This light does triple duty because it lights up when your parking brake is engaged and it also lights up when you start your car, and the onboard computer checks and verifies the brake system. Both of those times you see the light, it should go away fairly quickly, and when you disengage the parking light. If you see that light while you’re driving and the parking brake is not on, you have a serious problem with your brake system.

If you’re seeing signs that your brake system is failing or not working properly, contact us today at Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH. We can inspect your entire brake system and find out what’s wrong so that you can have faith in your brakes functioning perfectly again.

Photo by burakkarademir from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro