Four Reasons to Stop Driving with the Gas Light On

It’s not unusual at all for drivers to want to wait to get gas. It’s stinky, it can be a hassle, and if you’re mostly driving during rush hour, it might be way more crowded than you want to deal with every time you need gas. Auto Repair Technology totally understands those feelings but driving around with your gas light on is never a great idea.

It Strains Your Fuel System

When your car’s gas light is on, you’re obviously low on gas. That means that the fuel pump has to work a little harder to pull up the fuel that’s left. And that fuel is likely to have more sediment in it, which can then clog up the fuel filter, too. Also, the fuel pump ends up running hotter because there’s not any fuel surrounding it keeping it cooler. You’re making that entire system work harder.

It Puts Stress on Your Engine

Once the fuel gets to the fuel injectors, it’s supposed to be there in the exact amount necessary and exactly when the engine needs it. When you’re low on gas, the fuel system is working harder and gas may arrive with some air in the lines, which is a problem. That’s when you’ll start to hear misfires, which is the beginning of engine damage.

You Can End up Stuck Somewhere

The most obvious reason to not play games with your gas gauge is that it can be incredibly inaccurate, even if your car gives you an estimate of how many more miles you can theoretically drive before there’s truly no gas left. You can very easily end up stuck somewhere, and you don’t always get to pick when or where that happens. If you’ve got other people relying on you, that’s an even bigger problem.

It Just Isn’t Necessary

Finally, it just isn’t necessary to put yourself and your car under this much stress and strain. It’s truly stressful to worry that you might end up stranded at any moment. It’s much better to get gas well before that warning light comes on, even if that means that you start getting gas on a schedule that works for you.

Worried that you might have done some damage over time? Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH is happy to check that out for you. Give us a call today and we’ll help you to make sure all is well with your car’s engine.

Photo by kenneth-cheung from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro