Four Ideas You Can Still Use for Winterizing Your Car

Have you thought that there’s no point to winterizing your car at this point? That’s not the case at all. You can still do some things right now to protect your car for the even colder weather to come. Auto Repair Technology has some suggestions for you that can help you to stay safe in your car this winter.

Make Sure You’ve Got Plenty of Antifreeze

Antifreeze is important in your car all the time, but it’s doubly important in the colder months. You still need it to keep your engine running cool, but it has another job, too. Antifreeze helps to keep your radiator, hoses, and other important cooling system parts from freezing, which is vital. If you’re not sure when you last swapped out your antifreeze, it might be time for you to do so.

Consider Getting Your Battery Checked Out

You’re also going to have big problems if your battery gives out on you during the coldest parts of the winter. Your car’s battery is most at risk when it’s really cold out, so now is a good time to get the battery checked. If possible, charging it might help, but if not, you may need a new battery. It’s better to find out now than when you’re stranded.

Lubricate Door Seals and Locks

Winter rain that freezes or even just sleet, freezing rain, and snow can all contribute to your door locks freezing over and even to your car doors freezing shut. It’s always better to prevent that problem because fixing it is not fun at all. One easy way to do that is to spray lubricating spray around your car’s door seals and in the door locks, too.

Get the Oil Changed

Oil changes are always important, of course, just like antifreeze is. And if you’re either close to needing an oil change or definitely need one, don’t wait. It might even be time to reconsider the oil you’re using. Switching to a high-mileage oil or to a fully synthetic oil might offer a lot more protection for your car over the cold winter months.

Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH can help you with winterizing your car and all sorts of other repair and maintenance issues. Contact us today and set up an appointment. We’ll learn what your car needs and help you to get back on the road again safely and quickly. 

Photo by Pav_1007 from Getty Images via Canva Pro