Four Clues that Your Car’s Exhaust System Needs Help

Do you know what it looks like when your car’s exhaust system is having trouble? Being able to spot some of these signs quickly can help you to make sure that the exhaust system is repaired before you have big trouble, like engine damage. Here’s what Auto Repair Technology wants you to know.

You’re Hearing More Engine Noise

Your car’s exhaust system helps to reduce some of the engine noise when your car is running. The muffler does most of the heavy lifting where noise is concerned, but the rest of the exhaust system pitches in, too. When there is a hole or other type of problem with the exhaust, you might feel as if you’re hearing more noise from the engine and you could be right.

You’re Seeing More Exhaust Smoke and it’s Stinky

Something else you might start to see is more exhaust smoke coming from the car’s engine. That smoke might not only be more visible, but smellier, too. When the exhaust system is working properly, it’s able to reduce emissions from the engine and keep them from being as toxic as they might have otherwise been. Smelling or seeing more exhaust smoke is a clue you can’t ignore.

The Car Is Getting Worse Fuel Mileage

Part of what the exhaust system does is to help your car’s engine run as efficiently as possible. It does that by taking the fumes from fuel combustion and funneling them out of the engine, then out of the car itself. When the exhaust system is having trouble, it can’t keep up. That means that fumes linger in the engine, causing the engine to work harder and therefore to burn more fuel. 

There Are Warning Lights on the Dash

Your car’s onboard computer, the ECM, may start to let you know that there are some problems, too. It does that by lighting up warning lights on the dashboard. When the problem is in the car’s exhaust system, you’re most likely to see the check engine light appear on the dashboard. That’s a pretty scary light to see, but if you panic and ignore the message the problem is only going to get worse overall.

Addressing exhaust issues quickly is going to help prolong the life of your car overall. Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH can help you with all of your repair and service needs from exhaust issues to anything else that could go wrong.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images via Canva Pro