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Common Issues with Your Car’s A/C System

Summer isn’t far, and warmer weather is quickly approaching us here in Ohio. Getting your car in its best shape this month can help you beat the summer heat and ensure safe driving. Many drivers experience issues with their air conditioning this time of year, and no one likes having to drive in the heat with a broken A/C system.

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Here are some of the most common issues that cause your car’s A/C to malfunction or fail:

Issue #1 – Refrigerant Problem

Refrigerant is the gas that runs through your car’s A/C system to produce cool air, and if your air conditioning hasn’t been recharged with refrigerant in a while, it might be running low. A lack of refrigerant can still allow air to come through your car’s vents, but the air will feel neutral or warm rather than cool. A leak somewhere in the air conditioning system can also lead to low refrigerant levels, so have an experienced Brook Park, OH auto repair technician perform an inspection on your vehicle if you believe there could be a refrigerant leak.

Issue #2 – Failed Compressor

Your car’s air conditioning system runs on a compressor that circulates refrigerant and pushes air through the vents. A compressor can fail due to damage, wear, or when the car has been left to sit idle for too long without being driven. Because of this, spring and summer are typically when compressors fail, since the A/C system has likely been sitting dormant all winter.

Issue #3 – Electrical Malfunction

More difficult to diagnose, an electrical problem with your car’s wiring can cause the A/C to stop working properly. Because much of the wiring for your car is beneath the surface and not in the open for you to easily inspect for fraying or damage, it’s best to have an auto repair specialist take a look and properly diagnose the issue.

A/C Repair from the Brook Park, OH Auto Experts

Whether you’ve already begun using your car’s air conditioning and are experiencing an issue, or your vehicle is due for maintenance and you’d like the peace of mind that your A/C will work properly this summer, Auto Repair Technology can help. We are currently remaining open for Brook Park, OH auto repairs and maintenance, and you can view our current procedures here: COVID-19 Update

Contact us to learn more or to schedule service for your car today.

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