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Shocks & Struts

Shock and Strut Service in
Brook Park, OH

Every vehicle is equipped with a suspension system. Its job is to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride regardless if you’re driving down a smooth highway or a street full of potholes. When you’re going for a drive, you want to feel safe knowing that your suspension system is properly working and protecting you from being ejected from the vehicle. The only way to know that they are working properly is to have them serviced by a professional mechanic.

If you’re experiencing a bumpier than usual ride or your car is swerving more than usual, it may be time to have your suspension system looked at. 

Maintain a Smooth Ride

You may notice that driving involves a lot of twists, turns, and bumps. Because this is the case, your vehicle shocks, and in turn provides measured resistance when your wheels bounce or your chassis turn. After several years of constant use, they can become worn out and not do their job effectively. That’s why it’s important to have a professional mechanic that provides shock service repair to fix them. Auto Repair Technology is here to help you with all your suspension system needs so that you can get back to a smooth ride.  

How to Tell if Your Car Needs New Shock Absorbers

You need new shocks (and/or struts) if your original ones are:

  • Worn out
  • Damaged
  • Leaking

Worn out shock absorbers are hard to identify if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Damaged shock absorbers are a little bit easier to identify since that can be identified by a broken mount or badly dented housing. Lastly, leaking is the easiest way to identify that you need new shock absorbers. You will see oil or general wetness outside of the shock or strut. 

Sometimes your original ones may not be worn out, damaged, or leaking but it’s still a good idea to have them replaced. You may feel that the suspension system you currently have in place isn’t doing a good enough job. In that case, having it replaced with an upgraded system is your best bet. You can improve your vehicle’s handling and in turn increase your safety. 

Another thing to consider is that it’s generally recommended that you have your shocks and struts replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. There’s a wide range of longevity for these. Some original shocks can start getting weak after only 30,000 while others can last up to 100,000. Using quality parts can help shocks and struts last longer. 

Some other signs that tell you it’s time to have your struts and shocks replaces are: 

  • Steering problems
  • Braking problems
  • Unusual tire tread wear
  • Vehicle leans to one side during turns

You can also use what’s called a “bounce test” to help you determine if it’s time for new struts and shocks. It’s a relatively easy-to-do test but requires some effort. It’s done by heavily pressing down on one side of the vehicle, letting go, and observing what happens. If the vehicle bounces up once then reverts back to its at-rest height, your struts and shocks have passed. If the car bounces more than twice after letting go, it’s likely that you’ll need new ones. 

Let Auto Repair Technology Repair Your Suspension System

Replacing your vehicle’s suspension system requires extensive knowledge about vehicles. Replacing your shocks and struts requires a fair amount of suspension disassembly followed by wheel realignment. Shocks and struts are generally replaced in pairs. However, sometimes you can get away with only having one replaced. We recommend having both of them replaced at the same time but that is an option. 

 If you’ve determined that you need to replace your suspension system or suspect that there’s something wrong with your current one, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop in Brook Park, OH. 

We’re always here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. With all our years of serving the Brook Park, Oh are, we’ve come to know a thing or two about reliable neighborhood service. We’re always up for the challenge! 

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