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Cooling Systems

Car Cooling System Flush in
Brook Park, OH

When your car’s cooling system fails, it can be a big inconvenience, especially in the middle of a hot summer. To keep your car running smoothly, it’s recommended that cooling systems should be serviced every 2 years or every 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. If it’s been a while since your car’s cooling system has been serviced or it isn’t working properly, you need help from an auto repair technician that you can trust. For cooling system service in Brook Park, OH, call Auto Repair Technology Inc.

Maintaining Your Car’s Cooling System

Antifreeze is an important aspect of your cooling system’s wellbeing. When you come to have your cooling system serviced, professional mechanics will replace the antifreeze that circulates through your vehicle’s engine. This will prevent corrosion and help your car maintain an optimal engine temperature regardless of the temperature outside.

Another part of your car’s cooling system is the radiator. Your radiator protects your engine and air conditioning condenser from overheating. It also plays an important role in the computer-controlled system. An engine temperature sensor tells the computer what the engine temperature is so the computer can adjust the air and fuel mixture and engine timing. The efficiency of the radiator directly affects the efficiency of your engine.  

At Auto Repair Technology Inc, we make it easy and affordable to keep your car’s cooling system operating smoothly and effectively. Don’t fret. Our technicians are some of the best in the business, and we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way.

Power Flush Your Coolant

Another part of your regular cooling system maintenance service is a system power flush. It prevents corrosion, removes contaminants, lubes your car’s water pump, and prevents electrolysis. It works by having fluids continuously being forced under pressure through the engine, radiator, and heater core in both directions at different times. We pressure test the cooling system for leaks, clean the recovery bottle and pressure test the radiator cap. The system is then refilled with the proper mix of coolant and water to reach the -35 degrees for winter protection.

What is A Cooling System?

A lot of people have questions about the cooling system and its role in the car. Simply, the system cools your engine and keeps it at the proper operating temperature. There are two major aspects to the cooling system: the coolant itself and the parts that make up the system.

The Coolant

Coolant is the mixture of water and antifreeze that circulates through your car or light truck’s engine to draw off heat. It’s extremely important to have the proper amount. If you don’t, your car’s engine is at risk of overheating. 

The type of coolant that’s put into your vehicle is also important. Not all coolants are the same and different vehicles require different types of coolant. But don’t worry, we can help you with that. 

Finally, your coolant needs to be fresh. Over time and miles, the anti-corrosion additives in the coolant are depleted and the coolant can actually start to eat away at the cooling system parts. Your owner’s manual and your Auto Repair Technology service adviser in Brook Park Ohio can help you with the recommended coolant replacement schedule and make sure you’re getting the right type of coolant.

The System Parts

Like most things, the parts that make up your cooling system will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. 

It’s common for our shop to see radiators that have leaks or are clogged with deposits. Depending on the damage, we will clean, repair, or replace them. We also see radiator pressure caps that can no longer hold the proper pressure. We recommend replacing pressure caps when you change your coolant to avoid this problem. 

We see leaky water pumps and hoses in the Cleveland area that need to be replaced, too. The system also has a thermostat that opens and closes to regulate the flow of coolant. Sometimes they stick open or closed and the cooling system won’t work properly. 

Lastly,  we encounter damaged engines as a result of not properly maintaining the cooling system. Engine damage from overheating can be very expensive to fix so it’s important to maintain your cooling system properly with scheduled coolant replacement and periodic inspections of the cooling system. If you suspect a leak or something else wrong with your cooling system, bring your vehicle into our shop to have us take a look. Our team of brook Park, OH trained mechanics will be more than happy to help.

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