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Starters and Alternators

Car Starter and Alternator Repair in Brook Park, OH

In order to use your car, it has to be able to start. Is your car or truck having difficulty starting? Have you noticed strange engine noises or even a burning smell coming from under the hood? If so, that can be telltale signs that something is wrong with your car’s alternator. However, you’re in luck. Our team of certified technicians here at Auto Repair Technology Inc. can help you with that. We offer fast and affordable alternator repair services for our customers in Brook Park, OH.

Is Something Wrong With Your Alternator?

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, your car is probably telling you that there’s a problem with its alternator. 

  • Strange sounds like knocking or grinding
  • Dim lights
  • Warning light is on
  • Weird smells
  • Fluids leaking underneath your car

If you’re constantly having to jump start your car’s battery or your new battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge, those are other indicators that something may be wrong with your alternator. 

You want to make sure you have a reliable car when you’re driving around the Cleveland area. A reliable car means having an alternator that works. A damaged alternator means that your car isn’t supplying the necessary electricity to the various components of your car. It’s needed to charge your car battery so when it fails, you’re going to be dealing with a dead battery.  

Is Something Wrong With Your Starter?

Your starter is essentially an electric motor. It’s engaged when you turn your key and it turns the engine over and allows it to suck in air. Then, a series of other processes occur all within that first second or two of you turning on the ignition. 

There are two devices that allow the ignition to fire and start the engine: the Starter Motor and the Solenoid. The solenoid is most commonly attached to the starter. These two devices work together to provide a jolt of electricity from your battery to make the engine “turn over”. 

If you feel as if your car is having a difficult time starting, it could possibly be because of a failed starter. There are only a few reasons why your car’s starter would fail. 

Weak Battery: Your car may make a rapid clicking noise, or never get started, and that can be due to a weak battery. A weak or undercharged battery cannot provide the starter with enough electricity to turn the engine over.

 Bad Wiring: In order to take the charge from the battery, basic wiring is required. Oftentimes the wiring can be negatively impacted by time and heat.  This is usually an easy fix. Replacing some wiring may be all you need to do to resolve the problem. 

There are also a few mechanical issues that can arise with a starter motor that would cause it to fail. The Flywheel, for example, is made up of multiple interlocking “teeth” which moves the crankshaft and pistons. Over time the flywheel can degrade and cause the starter to stop working.

Expert Repairs and Outstanding Service

Our team At Auto Repair Technology Inc is what makes us special. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality and service. Our highly skilled technicians have what it takes to render a quick, accurate diagnosis, and then perform the expert repair service you deserve. When you work with Auto Repair Technology Inc, you can be confident that you’re working with some of the best auto repair specialists in the business.

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