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Car Won’t Start?

You get up in the morning, take your shower, and make your cup of coffee. You put on your coat and head out to the driveway. You open your door and sit down, place the key in the ignition, turn it, and nothing. Your car won’t start.

There is nothing worse than suffering from a car that won’t start. There could be any number of reasons why this happens. Here’s some of the most common causes:

Your Battery Has Passed On

If you turn your key but hear only a rapid clicking sound, it is likely that you have a dead battery and will need a jump. Battery failure is fairly common, and is the first thing we should check when your car won’t start.

Your Battery Terminal is Corroded

If, when you turn the key, absolutely nothing happens, then pop the hood and take a look at your battery terminals. If they are covered in corrosion, there is a good chance that a thorough cleaning of the posts will get your car started back up again.

Your Car Won’t Turn Over?

If your engine cranks but won’t start, it could be one of two things. Either you need more fuel, or, if you have enough gas, then you might need service done on your fuel injectors or ignition system to get them working properly again.

Can’t Figure Out What the Problem is?

Auto Repair Technology has been providing quality auto repair and service for many years. We were established to provide honest, dependable auto service and repair at a fair price. We continue to make the investment in training and equipment to stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry. When it comes to car repair, we know the importance of fast, quality, well-priced auto repairs. We strive to offer you the best possible service when you come see us.

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