Are You Due for a New Battery?

The easiest way to tell that you need a new battery is to pay attention to how old the battery is. But Auto Repair Technology knows that isn’t always easy to keep up with on your own. Here are some other tips for recognizing when it might be time for a new battery in your car.

The Battery Case Is Visibly Damaged

The battery’s case tells you a lot about how well the battery is holding up. If the case has bulges anywhere or has cracks, that’s a signal that there’s a problem somewhere inside the battery. Batteries contain acid, and if there are cracks that acid can leak out of the battery. If you can smell rotten eggs or sulfurous smells around the battery, there’s probably a crack somewhere in the casing.

There’s a Lot of Corrosion on the Battery Posts

When you look at the battery terminals or the posts where the positive and negative caps fit onto the top of the battery, they should be clean. If you do see corrosion, that can be another sign of a battery acid leak. Corrosion looks like a white powdery coating on the posts. It builds up over time, so the corrosion can start to look pretty thick on the terminals.

Lights or Other Peripherals Aren’t Working Well

If your battery isn’t working well, that can have an impact on how well other things that rely on power work, too. You might start to notice that your lights aren’t as bright as they used to be, for instance. Or you might have trouble operating other things that plug into the accessory port in your car. It’s easy to overlook these signs as not being related to the battery, though.

There’s a Warning Light Showing

Something you really can’t overlook is a battery warning light on your car’s dashboard. You might also see a warning light for your alternator. Regardless, any types of warning lights related to the electrical system need to be checked out thoroughly, and your battery should always be inspected to make sure it hasn’t been impacted by whatever is going on.

Need help making sure that your car’s battery and electrical system are functioning properly? Let Auto Repair Technology in Brook Park, OH give you a hand with that task. We’ll thoroughly inspect your entire electrical system, including testing the battery and alternator, and make sure that your car’s battery is working properly. If it isn’t, we’ll let you know your options for a new battery.

Photo by rukawajung from Getty Images via Canva Pro