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New Year, New Car?: How to Make Your Car Feel Like New

Wishing that you received a new car this past Christmas? We know how much you love your car but let’s face it, after driving your car for a certain amount of time, it can start to feel boring. Luckily there are ways you can make your car feel like new and bring some excitement back […]

How to Prevent Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

Foggy car windows are the result of a humidity discrepancy.  In particular, it happens when the air outside of your car is colder than the air on the inside of your car. Since your car’s windows act as a barrier, condensation forms on them, and you’re left with foggy windows. It may sound like a […]

Common Fall Car Repairs

A lot of people think that winter conditions are the only conditions that can affect your car. This is not the case. In the fall, thousands of drivers across the United States face car problems. Here are some of the most common fall car repairs. Air Spring  Your car’s suspension system has air springs. They’re […]

Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

There are many possible reasons as to why your steering wheel is shaking. However, the timing of when your steering wheel begins to shake gives a clue for why it’s happening. Does it happen during low, medium, or high speeds? Does it only happen when you’re braking? Keep reading to learn more about what your […]

What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

The dreaded check engine light. Nobody likes looking down at their dashboard and seeing this symbol show up. It’s designed to let drivers know that something is wrong with their car. However, in the over 100 years since the invention of the automobile, they still haven’t created a check engine light that tells you exactly […]

Safe Driving Tips for Summer

The summer is the perfect time for road trips and adventures. There’s no better feeling than the warm summer air hitting your face and having the music blasting while you’re driving from one place to another. However, while you’re enjoying your car this summer, make sure that you’re driving it safely. Keep reading for tips […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your tires is an essential part of keeping your car in good condition. Knowing when to replace your tires isn’t the only thing you need to do to ensure you don’t run into tire problems down the road. There are a few things you can do to help ensure that your tires stay in […]

Why is my Car Having Issues After Sitting Idle?

Has your car been sitting in your driveway or garage for the past few months? Because of the driving restrictions state governments have imposed in light of the health crisis, many drivers have been staying home and avoiding driving for the past few months. Unfortunately, vehicles can still experience issues even when they’re not being […]

Common Issues with Your Car’s A/C System

Summer isn’t far, and warmer weather is quickly approaching us here in Ohio. Getting your car in its best shape this month can help you beat the summer heat and ensure safe driving. Many drivers experience issues with their air conditioning this time of year, and no one likes having to drive in the heat […]

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