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3 Things You Should Never Ignore With Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance is often a scary thing, especially when so many people are used to going to their mechanic for one problem and leaving with four problems fixed. Regular oil changes, tire maintenance, and coolant checks can help reduce the number of surprises when you eventually do get around to seeing a mechanic and will ultimately save you money and preserve your vehicle’s lifespan.

A man touching a row of tires

Oil Changes

Just as blood keeps your heart pumping, oil keeps your car’s engine working and there’s no way around that. As such, regular oil changes are vital to keeping your car in as best shape as possible. The main purpose of oil is to lubricate your engine so that the components don’t cause too much heat from friction as your car operates. Of course, there’s always some friction and some serious heat, but too much is going to cause issues. Over time, the oil in your engine accumulates dirt and other particles that clog the system and make the oil less and less effective. Eventually, engines can seize from internal melting and die. A well lubricated engine will reduce the friction and extend the life of your car.


From routine tire rotation to cracks and holes, low treads, bulging, and deflation, no tire irregularities should be left till tomorrow. Instead, understand the importance of each of these issues and trust a mechanic to help you finish out the job.

Tire rotations should occur on a regular basis so that each one wears at the same rate. If you were to leave each tire in the same place forever, certain tires would end up wearing down much faster than others depending on the type of drive your car has.

Cooling Systems

Maintaining your car’s cooling system is as essential as going to the gas station. Regular maintenance should involve replacing the antifreeze—or coolant—that circulates through your engine to prevent corrosion and irregular temperatures. Additionally, a good mechanic can help by power flushing your coolant to remove any contaminates from your engine through forced pressure. Regular maintenance can ensure that your car is running on fresh coolant and a well-cleaned system for that coolant to flow through.

Find a Trusted Mechanic

Not sure when or how often to get these three essentially auto maintenance services done? Contact your trusted local Brook Park, OH auto mechanic at Auto Repair Technology. We’ll give advice specific to your car after giving it careful situation. We also encourage you to discover the savings of our Car Care Club where you can enjoy hundreds of dollars of savings on oil changes, tire services, and coolant and other fluid services.

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