auto repair near me Brook Park Ohio

auto repair near me Brook Park Ohio

14671 Snow Rd Brook Park Ohio 44142

Ph. 216.898.5800

AAA approved Auto Repair 


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Join Our Car Care Club Card

Do You Want To Know How To Get $504.75 Worth Of Auto Repair Services For Only $109.95?

Membership Has Its Privileges
When you join our Club, you’ll be one of our privileged clients that will get to enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings over the next year. As a member, you’ll receive a special Car Care Club Card that is filled with all of the following car care products and services:

FREE – 4 Oil Changes (A $119.80 Value)
FREE – Towing (Up to a $50.00 Value)
FREE – (2) Tire Rotations & Brake Inspection ($40.00 Value)
$60.00 off – 30K, 60K, 90K Service Package
$50.00 off – Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection
$40.00 off – Brake Service (Front or Rear)
$30.00 off – Air Conditioning Service
$30.00 off – Fluid Exchange Service
$30.00 off – A MotorVac Fuel System Service
$25.00 off – Any Fluid Flush (Trans., Pwr., Steering or Coolant)
Free - 1 Pair of Wiper Blades $29.95 value





Look what just saved me hundreds of dollars in car repairs .... Join the Club and you can save hundreds too!




Add up all the savings and you’ll find that you could easily save up to $504.75 over the next year! But even if you don’t use all the services on the card, the four FREE oil changes alone are well worth the price.

You’re not limited to using your Car Care Club Card on only one car. So even if you’re driving a newer car and may not need all the services on the card, you can give it to your spouse or friend and let them use it to save money on any repairs that they may need. Heck, the Car Care Club Card makes an excellent gift for anyone that owns a car.


Why Are We Doing This?Car Care Club Auto Repair Service Membership
Well quite frankly, advertising monthly specials is getting too darned expensive. We’d rather bundle many of the services that you’re going to need over the next year and put them on one discount card. That way, the next time you need service, you won’t have to go searching the papers to find the best coupons. You’ll already have the Car Care Club Card with the best specials on it right in your own glove box.

Plus, we love to see our clients coming back to our shop again and again. We’ve found that we can do a much better job repairing and maintaining your vehicle if we get a chance to see it every few months. When you get your oil changed and we possibly discover that worn belt or cracked hose before it strands you on the side of the road.

We Love Our Customers!
As always when you get your car serviced you can use our complimentary shuttle or free loaner cars, just let us know when making your appointment. We are committed to serving you, our customers. We take the hassle out of being without a car. It’s just one of the many benefits you get as an Auto Repair Technology customer.

Don’t Delay
So, if you want to save hundreds of dollars over the next year, stop by our shop at 14671 Snow Rd Brook Park OH 44142 between the hours of 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Or if you’d prefer you can give us a call at 216.898.5800 and we’ll reserve a Car Care Club Card for you.



Auto Repair Technology is a full service auto repair facility located at 14671 Snow Road in Brook Park Ohio. We repair and maintain cars and light trucks of all makes and models. We pride our self on our hassle free service, providing FREE loaner vehicles while yours is serviced, FREE towing and a Lifetime Warranty Parts and Labor on All Repairs. We offer a 6 month and 12 month same as cash program for your convenience. We truly take the hassle out of Automotive Repair Service.




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Auto Repair Technology

14671 Snow Rd ● Brook Park Ohio

Ph. 216.898.5800

ASE Certified Automotive Technicians

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